We are the Friends and Neighbors of North Admiral, a group of families and individuals working together to bring improvements into the Admiral neighborhood of West Seattle. We’re working to design and develop a natural playscape at California Place park (located at California Avenue SW and SW Hill Street) to provide an interactive slice of nature for exploration and creativity, a place to gather and connect with neighbors and respite space for users of all ages.

Who supports this park? To date, more than 100 people have signed on to pledge their support. Dozens more have provided input, ideas and encouragement at community meetings. People who want to work together on a project and feel more connected to their neighbors. People who want a safe, thoughtful way for children and adults alike to enjoy nature and the company of neighbors in our urban neighborhood.

Our vision of this natural playscape does not include traditional play equipment like slides and swings or being careless with trees currently on the site.

Interested in supporting our goals?  Email us at info@californiaplacepark.org.

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