Community Input

The following comments on ideas/benefits/concerns were gathered at a series of public meetings which took place during June, July and August 2008.


  • Incorporate the history of Ferry Avenue (the original route to the West Seattle Ferry line) through artwork or sculpture.
  • Look holistically at California Place Park, SDOT parcel and Ferry Ave behind the fire station as one community corridor to improve – prioritize work and construct in phases.
  • Add curbing, natural play area, landscaping, street lamps and sidewalks to beautify, ensure safety and promote community interaction.
  • Within new natural play area, allow interaction space for infants.
  • Area should be multi-use – not for kids exclusively.
  • Dig down and terrace site to help contain park users safely and without effecting site lines with fencing.


  • A little slice of nature in an urban neighborhood can stimulate more diverse and creative play in children and provide a respite space for users of all ages.
  • This new model of play area – one that stimulates all the senses through exposure to the natural world – will be unique and unlike any other “playground” in West Seattle (or most of Seattle). This is NOT large play structures like swing sets and metal slides.
  • Play area will be fully accessible to disabled children and safer than a typical playground in that all fall heights will be eliminated.
  • Collaborative development of a community area can bring neighbors together towards common goals and improvement.
  • Intergenerational communities are vibrant communities – parks and play areas bring together young and old to create bonds, laughter and goodwill.
  • Maintaining an area with native, drought tolerant plants is more efficient than caring for green grass
  • This type of park/play area is perfectly in line with Seattle Parks Strategic Action Plan for the next 5 years. Specifically helping to meet one goal: Steward Seattle’s Parks and Open Spaces for Long Term Sustainability by increased restoration of Seattle’s natural ecosystem and connecting people with nature.
  • More families with children are moving into the area and into the newly developed condominiums and townhomes. Having outdoor play and social options is critical to urban families. Many single family homes have little or no yards as well in an urban setting.
  • If you develop something the community loves, the “bad” element just goes away.
  • Would be a great neighborhood gathering spot, for children and adults. A developed community yard/play space would be an asset.
  • Mostly those that could walk to the park would gather there.
  • A park would increase foot activity in the neighborhood and get folks out of their homes.
  • People of all ages could enjoy the park, not just children.
  • Good design can address many resident concerns.
  • Pedestrian scale lighting can be an improvement/asset.
  • Developed parks raise property values. Many examples of this – Mercer Island Lid, Burke Gilman Trail.


  • This is primarliy an adult only community, no need for a play area.
  • Increased traffic controls (cross walks/signals) will increase idling of cars on California which will increase pollution in the immediate neighborhood.
  • New park users will take parking spaces from residents in the area.
  • Hiawatha and Lafayette area available playgrounds, we don’t need another play area.
  • California Place Park is better and more useful to everyone as a green grass park and people like it the way it is.
  • California Place Park is too close to California Ave.
  • Community won’t maintain the newly developed area.
  • Development fo the new play area goes against the Parks Department Strategic Plan to preserve open space.
  • Squirrels will be displaced.
  • The project is a waste of tax payer dollars.
  • Use of the park will increase noise in the area and negatively affect immediate neighbors.
  • Overall unsafe area for children. Sex offenders in the neighborhood and gang activity. Items left in the park (currently) include hypodermic needles, used condoms, trash, etc. Transients sleep in the current park area.
  • Areas proposed are too small for a play area.
  • This park would be funding a private interest/conflict of interest.
  • Could not take dogs to the park.
  • Current trees should not be harmed by any future changes to the area.
  • Play areas that attract kids will need available bathrooms – portable bathrooms are undesirable.
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