Natural Playscapes

What is a natural playscape you ask? Using native plants, fallen logs, boulders, rock and lots of trees playscapes represent a natural place such as a forest. They are designed with the intent of bringing children and people back to nature – and are created in urban areas. They offer a wide range of open-ended play options that allow children to be creative and use their imagination and offfer a wide a wide range of developmental benefits to children, rehabilitation programs and all people in general.

Following are resources on natural playscapes to give you an idea of the various approaches and opinions.  There are a multitude of ways to implement these ideas and no one approach is “right.”  You may see “unnatural” elements in these examples, it is ultimately the decision of the area designers (in this case our community) to choose the elements that are appropriate for the users and the proposed space.

Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

Natural Playgrounds Collaborative

Planet Earth Playscapes

Natural Playgrounds

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