Goals & Facts

Goals for Our Project

Through the redesign of California Place Park we’d like to create a natural and green space that is inviting, safe and fun for all in the community. It should feel like a slice of nature tucked into a small city park. This new park should:

  • Provide a safe respite for all given its proximity to a busy street.
  • Entice young children to use their imagination and creativity to play and explore the area.
  • Accommodate and feel welcoming to parents and neighbors, young and old.
  • Serve as a place for thoughtful play and relaxation.
  • Be made from natural elements and contain as few manmade components as possible.
  • Provide continuity and connectivity to the empty parcel on SW Hill, a parcel targeted for future development.

The following excerpt is from FANNA’s original application to Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods for the renovation of California Place Park:

This project was born from the need we have in our community to provide our children with a space to play, discover and meet new friends. We dream of a place with character and beauty mindful of sustainability and safety, where children and parents can come together and enjoy each others’ company. There is a significant about of revitalization, growth and development in the West Seattle area bringing new and young families into this city neighborhood. A new playscape would provide an additional place for these people to meet and connect with their neighbors, contribute to this revitalization and provide a safe area for unstructured, outdoor play for kids who may not have the yard for such activities.

Project Information

  • The Parks Department has approved this proposal for California Place Park (hereafter the Park) and will work closely with FANNA on the improvements.
  • The Department of Neighborhoods has approved a grant for $15,000 for FANNA. This grant will enable FANNA to hire a licensed landscape architect to create a schematic design for the natural playscape proposed for the Park. Community input (see Input) will be integrated. Public meetings have been held since June to gather input from neighbors and local businesses.
  • The Park is .24 acre, or 10,500 square feet.
  • As a natural playscape, nature is important. The trees on the current site are not slated for removal. Natural playscapes do NOT include big, plastic/metal play equipment (see Natural Playscapes).
  • FANNA is working with the Department of Transportation on all options to calm  traffic around the Park, focusing primarily on the approach from California Ave SW, as well as conducting research with the SW Precinct on crime in the area and the State Department of Transportation on past traffic incidents.
  • Project construction costs will be determined once the design is complete.
  • Seattle Parks will be entrusted with care for the Park once is it complete, neighborhood parks of course benefit from neighbor care though on occasion.
  • The Park is currently open to the public, and will continue to have the same non-discriminatory policy as all Seattle parks when this project is complete.
  • The completion of the Park rests upon many, many volunteer hours. As volunteers on this project, time donated is given a standard dollar value used by all city agencies as deemed appropriate by the IRS. Materials donated are given their appropriate market rate, in-kind dollar value. Donations of cash, are generally tax deductible as charitable donations, per IRS regulations.


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