Posted by: californiaplacepark | November 10, 2008

Perhaps We Have Common Ground?

Thank you, to all of our supporters who attended and spoke in favor of exploring potential improvements or contributed ideas for improvement at the Nov.6 meeting at Hiawatha Community Center.   We felt there was common ground amoungst many at the meeting including the desire to keep the park beautiful, green and natural.  There was a strong desire to ensure the park allowed for quiet reflection.  As well, most everyone felt that safety was extremely important, specifically with regard to busy California Ave SW, and dissuading undesirable use.   Based on the tone of the meeting (contentious at times), people might not acknowledge that common ground exists, however we do believe that the design process will result in something that the entire community will use and be proud of.
There are people who believe we have acted irresponsibly in bringing this project forward. We want to assure you that our intentions are and always have been to bring improvements to our neighborhood and to create a park that fosters community and interaction between neighbors.  Last night, we shared the goals for our project so that everyone might understand how inclusive they are and that they reflect the feedback we’ve compiled from the community:

  • Provide a safe respite for all given its proximity to a busy street.
  • Entice young children to use their imagination and creativity to play and explore the area.
  • Accommodate and feel welcoming to parents and neighbors, young and old.
  • Serve as a place for thoughtful play and relaxation.
  • Be made from natural elements and contain as few man-made components as possible.
  • Provide continuity and connectivity to the empty parcel on SW Hill, a parcel targeted for future improvement.

The West Seattle Blog and the West Seattle Herald covered the meeting.  The Blog has published their summary:
This dialogue with the community will continue in three additional meetings that will be scheduled once the Landscape Architect is on board.  We expect to have dates for these meetings in late December/early January. We strongly encourage you to attend these meetings and in a respectful and courteous manner speak up about things you’d like to see.  We’d also like to hear from our supporters if weeknights or weekend days are more convenient.  Please send us your feedback so we can schedule these meetings on days and times that work for most.
Thanks again for your continued support,


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