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Great Feedback at Second Design Workshop, it’s Not Too Late to Send in Yours

Thanks to everyone from the community who came to the second Design Workshop for California Place Park this morning at Alki Community Center. We had about 100 people, a great presentation of potential design elements by Karen Kiest and her team, Christine and Peter, and lots of positive feedback from the attendees. Karen is still taking input from the community – please send your thoughts in an email by Wednesday, March 11th. Do it today so you don’t miss the chance!

You can view the design concepts through the West Seattle Blog – unfortunately I can’t figure out how to upload documents to this website. There are five options including an idea for the southern triangle as a point of reference.

After Karen’s presentation, people had an opportunity to discuss amongst their table. Each table then reported back on their discussion. Many were in favor of extending the park out to its natural boundaries which means reclaiming the asphalt on the north end as green space. It would also serve to shorten the crossing distance through the adjacent parking lot. Karen proposed moving the bus stop north about 30 feet which would open up visibility in and out from the bulkier south side of the park – more research would be needed to determine if this is feasible. Seating was also a common request and many were very interested in seeing the history of the area incorporated. One gentleman proposed renaming the park in honor of a local principal who was killed crossing the street about 25 years ago. Lots of other great feedback which will be distilled into the final design presented on April 16th at 7PM at Alki Community Center.

Many were concerned about costs and funding the construction. The grant we have right now is funding the design only. Once we land on a final design we would be able to determine implementation costs. We would then need to raise money within the community and seek out funds from both private and public sources — both of which are available even in a down economy. This process will take time but it can be done and should not be the reason to abandon a wonderful public project that would provide work opportunities for local businesses!

A point to note is that Karen has met with the Parks Department and reviewed the designs that were shared today with the Pro View team. This ensures that any potential changes meet the standards set forth by Seattle Parks and Recreation. She will meet with them again prior to presenting a final design. This should help to alleviate concerns about if and how Parks would maintain any changes to the area. They won’t approve anything that they can’t maintain.

For additional information about the meeting and the project, check out the rest of the website and extended coverage on the West Seattle Blog.



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