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There is NO PLAYGROUND DEVELOPMENT at California Place Park

The signs you may have seen posted around the neighborhood, signed by Jan Bailey and Dennis Ross, only serve to incite fear and spread misinformation about FANNA’s intentions and ideas for California Place Park. Click here to read about our goals. FANNA has rebuffed the talk of plastic play structures and typical playgrounds from the very beginning. Ms. Bailey and Mr. Ross continue to use this characterization of the project as way to drum up anger and to obtain signatures for their petition.

Our original application to the Department of Neighborhoods uses the word “playground”, however in all subsequent meetings, documents and conversations we have been very clear to describe the project as a natural playscape with the goal of enhancing the green space and incorporating natural elements to entice children of all ages. Both Ms. Bailey and Mr. Ross have been in nearly every one of these meetings.

The ideas expressed by many of the residents of the Admiral neighborhood show there is a strong desire to create a natural and green space that welcomes and accommodates a cross section of its residents and yes, that does include children. California Place Park as it exists now is merely an extension of the yard for the church it sits next to – at least that’s what most residents we spoke with believed about the area before we applied for our grant.

We encourage all residents to do their own research, form their own opinions based on the facts and attend the Design Workshops to listen and respectfully contribute ideas. This is not a fight, this is not a conspiracy — we are all neighbors, made up of individuals and families who enjoy living in Admiral and have the best intentions for our families and community in mind.

Project Contacts and Information
Parks Department — Kellee Jones, 206-684-7052
Department of Neighborhoods — Emma Moreno, 206-386-4123
Neighborhood Volunteers and Project Co-Chairs — Ann Limbaugh and Manuela Slye
Historical Media Coverage of the Project — West Seattle Blog



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