Posted by: Neighborhood Updates | December 3, 2008

The Responses to the RFQ’s are IN!

We’ve received a total of eight submittals for the RFQ that was advertised on 11/6/08.  We feel like we have a pool of very strong, qualified candidates.  The selection committee has developed a scorecard based on the RFQ to help them review, rank and select three for interviews.  The committee will also check references to insure the firm we hire will be a perfect fit for this project.

The list of candidates in no particular order:

  1. Karen Kiest Landscape Architects
  2. Winterbottom Design, Inc.
  3. Barker Landscape Architects, P.S.
  4. GGLO
  5. Studio 342 Landscape Architecture
  6. Susan Bergen Landscape Architect in partnership with OPA Design, Inc.
  7. SB & A Landscape Architects
  8. BCRA in collaboration with Pomegranate Center

More to come as the process evolves!



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