Posted by: californiaplacepark | October 8, 2008

RFQ and SDOT News

Several pieces of great information to pass along, one regarding our RFQ and one regarding SDOT‘s ideas for traffic calming.

RFQ: The Architect Selection Committee has finalized the RFQ with the Department of Neighborhoods and the Parks Department. We are waiting for final signatures on our contract with the city before we are able to advertise the work. We expect to place an ad in the Daily Journal of Commerce and send the RFQ to firms we believe would be good candidates for the work. We’ll keep you posted as this develops.

SDOT: We have received feedback from SDOT on traffic calming measures. SDOT has analyzed the area surrounding California Place Park and recommends a crosswalk for the north side of SW Hill across California Ave SW. Along with the crosswalk, they would add signs to remind motorists of the speed limit and of the upcoming crosswalk. We also discussed the possibility of an illuminated walkway with lights embedded in the street. These types of crosswalks are being piloted in a couple of areas around the City currently and a decision will be made next year as to their effectiveness. They are a possibility for us if the City chooses to move them beyond the pilot. As soon as we have a (schematic) design for the park, they can begin making the area for the new crosswalk. We’ll keep you posted as this develops as well.



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